Crafting a Trekking Toboggan with Northern Toboggan Co.

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Finished Hand Toboggan Northern Toboggan Co

Last Friday, Darrik had the privilege to collaborate with a locally owned shop, Northern Toboggan Co. Started by craftsmen John Harren and now operated by his two sons, Jackson and Gabriel, they specialize in creating hand made toboggans, sleds, and snowshoes. Darrik worked with Nathan Jeffrey, one of their craftsmen, who also happens to be his friend. Their project was a trekking toboggan (Hand Toboggan), which can be pulled by a single person and is designed to easily follow in your snowshoe tracks. The wood had been previously steam bent. They took them out of the jigs, sanded, assembled, and coated them in linseed oil. One of the sleds was crafted with ash; the other oak. The toboggans are quiet long, measuring in at 8 feet on the flat portion, 13 inches wide at the front, and tapering to roughly 10 inches at the rear. Darrik plans on going winter camping and trekking in the next couple of weeks using the new oak Hand Toboggan. Stay tuned for more!

applying linseed oil to toboggan