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Braintanned Leather Scrap 16″


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Brain tanned leather.

The circle is 16″ diameter

Made from white tail deer skin. Thickness is medium.

Drum head has a surface scar in the center (it’s doesn’t go all the way through). Grade B leather since it’s not as cosmetically smooth looking or colored as grade A. Could also be used for another project.

Leather finishing:

With traditional brain tanning, the leather is not thinned to an even thickness, so they retain their natural density (each hide has varying degrees of thickness throughout). I lace the hide onto a wooden frame, to stretch and work it dry, making it lay fairly flat for cutting patterns. Smoking the leather is the final step, (if you would like a hide left in the white, let us know!), and I mainly use Quaking Aspen for this.

Natural Variations:

Some, but not all, hides have scars on them from the deer fighting or going under barbed wire fences. Colors aren’t completely even, as shown in pictures.

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Matthew K.
Verified ownerVerified owner

These are the best bow drill fire kits that I have ever used. Excellent wood selection. High quality craftsmanship. Five Star customer service. Thank you! Look no further. This is the bow drill kit you want! So good that even a new born child could get a fire with it!

1 year ago
3 years ago

Included everything I needed to start a fire using just the hand drill. It was super easy to use and came with a ton of tinder and kindling.

3 years ago