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Fire by Friction Bow Drill Kit



Bow Drill Kit

Learn the primitive art of fire by friction, with materials you’d actually find in the woods (minus para-cord). If you’d like to watch one of our kits being crafted and in action, check out our video below!

Since 2004, I’ve been using the bow drill for starting fires, teaching survival classes, and teaching boy-scout and girl-scout classes. I learned these skills at Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracking School, along with much trial and error!

Bow Drill Kit made from wild-crafted materials.

Kit includes:

  • cedar board with two starter holes
  • cedar spindle
  • hand hold made of either birch, Quaking Aspen, or ash
  • bundle of natural fire starting tinder, which includes wood shavings, birch bark, and cattail down
  • wood bow with para-cord string

The photo is of a sample kit. Being the kits are created with wild crafted materials, each one is unique so their appearance varies. Depending on the type of wood used to make the bow, the bark may be peeled off.

This is our first video made about the primitive art of fire starting using a bow drill kit. Start at 6:10 to get to the fire starting portion or watch the whole video to learn how to create your own kit from scratch.

Check out our bow drill kit reviews here at our Etsy shop!

Interested in primitive skills? Check out our blog, with more stories and adventures to come!


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  1. Isabelle

    So excited when I get to use it ~ thank you

  2. Bob

    Had an ember in 15 minutes! Perfect kit, shipping was fast, love it!

  3. Matt

    Really well made. Worked right away. This is my second time using one and felt big difference in craftsmanship vs the first one. It’s a great way to build confidence. Can’t wait to bring it camping. Thanks!

  4. kevinjbutler

    I gave this kit to my 5 year old for Christmas because he’s been asking about starting a fire “with sticks” for the last year. I can vouch for the fact that using nothing but the material in this kit and watching some YouTube videos, I started a fire in about 25 minutes with no prior experience. Good stuff!

  5. Rob

    I had to come back and edit my review. this is a great way to learn to get technique down. on my third attempt with the bow drill, I was able to get a fire started. It was so unreal. But what a great way to start so you can get your balance with the bow and supporting the block with your shin. the first few time the drill popped out of the bow. But once I got the balance right, the smoke started flowing.

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2 years ago

Included everything I needed to start a fire using just the hand drill. It was super easy to use and came with a ton of tinder and kindling.

2 years ago

So excited when I get to use it ~ thank you

2 years ago