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Brain tanned leather 1.8 sq ft


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Brain tanned leather quarter of a hide.
Traditionally tanned white tail leather.

Piece measures 1.8 square feet (#1A)
Thickness: medium to light
Measurements down center: 16″ x 14″ (21″ at longest point)

Please let us know what type of project you will be working on so we can help you pick the ideal hide! If you’re looking for material for a vest, shirt, coat, pants, moccasins, bag or more, we’d sure like to help!

Leather finishing:
With traditional brain tanning, the leather is not thinned to an even thickness, so they retain their natural density (each hide has varying degrees of thickness throughout). I lace the hides onto a wooden frame, to stretch and work them dry, making them lay fairly flat for cutting patterns. Smoking the leather is the final step, (if you would like a hide left in the white, let us know!), and I mainly use Quaking Aspen for this.

Natural Variations:
The perfect hide is hard to come by, because of naturally occurring scars from deer fighting, going under barbed wire fences, and holes left from hunter’s bullets. I tend to fix most of the holes, which I sew shut with artificial sinew (waxed linen thread). Colors aren’t completely even, as shown in pictures.
Buckskin pants and knife case I made myself with some of the first leather I ever tanned.

Our leather is great for:

  • Native American dancers
  • historical re-enactors
  • mountain men
  • bushcrafters
  • longhunters
  • Vikings
  • leathercrafters
  • costume designers
  • primitive wilderness crafts
  • quill workers
  • bead workers
  • and anyone who loves beautiful, unique, and soft leather!

Click here to see and learn more about how we make our brain tan leather!

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Matthew K.
Verified ownerVerified owner

These are the best bow drill fire kits that I have ever used. Excellent wood selection. High quality craftsmanship. Five Star customer service. Thank you! Look no further. This is the bow drill kit you want! So good that even a new born child could get a fire with it!

1 year ago
3 years ago

Included everything I needed to start a fire using just the hand drill. It was super easy to use and came with a ton of tinder and kindling.

3 years ago